Best Price for Samsung Droid Charge: $129

Droid ChargeSamsung’s Droid Charge, available from Verizon Wireless, is one of the most popular Android phones of the summer. The Charge’s 4.3-inch screen and LTE ‘4G’ compatibility are the main selling points, but one thing keeping some users away is its high price: $299 with a two-year contract.  Ouch.

But the Droid Charge is available for less.  Currently, the best price for the Charge is $129 on contract at Amazon Wireless, but this price is only good for new accounts.  Amazon upgrade pricing for eligible Verizon customers jumps to $199.

The best price for eligible upgraders comes from LetsTalk, which is offering the phone for $184 with a contract renewal.  That’s still pretty steep, so if you’re looking to upgrade to the Charge, you might want to hold off for better pricing if you can.

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