PhotoFast Announces G-Monster-Express Card 34/54 SSD Models

When youre out there seeking for alternative methods to get more rooms to store important images, music and videos, PhotoFast has now come with the idea of using the existing port which is commonly equipped on your laptop. Instead of replace another hard disk or insert a flash disk, you can now get those troubles away. The new G-Monster Express Card SDD 34mm/54mm is just a great solution to accelerate your portable devices and to extend your laptop storage capacity.

PhotoFast G-Monster-Express Card 34/54 SSD

The G-Monster Express card 54 has been fully tested and running with Read Max 180MB/sec, Write Max 100MB/sec under best circumstance. Its also been designed to be compatible with Windows Vista Plug & Play & Ready Boost. The mini-USB port equipped at the end of the card, which would be easily to temporarily transfer your data to another platform (PC/Mac). The G-Monster Express Card is now being launched in Japan, and soon in U.S. and EU.

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