Intel To Bring Onboard Flash to Desktop

Intel's first attempt at onboard flash fizzled in 2006. A refresh of the same idea, Braidwood will be integrated into Core i5 motherboards and tie into Microsoft's ReadyBoost technology. In theory users should see accelerated application launch speeds as ReadyBoost caches commonly used applications in the Braidwood flash memory.

Intel's Braidwood module

Intel appears ready to take another crack at flash memory-based acceleration–this time offering it with future chipsets.
Intel Braidwood technology is based on a flash memory module

“Braidwood is a flash memory technology that provides faster boot-up time, faster application launch, and a snappier, more responsive system,” said Rob Crooke, vice president and general manager of Intel's Business Client Group, speaking during a presentation streamed over the Web from the Computex conference in Taipei, Taiwan, earlier this week.

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