The DTV Transition Happens At Midnight Tonight

All full-power television stations in the United States will have ceased analog transmission and will broadcast only in digital by the end of today. The Federal Communications Commission has been coordinating the transition and will be updating the news media on its status and the latest information related to consumer questions tomorrow morning. Guess when we all wake up we will see how the change went!

The switch from analog to digital broadcast television is referred to as the digital TV (DTV) transition. In 1996, the U.S. Congress authorized the distribution of an additional broadcast channel to each broadcast TV station so that they could start a digital broadcast channel while simultaneously continuing their analog broadcast channel. Later, Congress set June 12, 2009 as the final date that full power television stations can broadcast analog signals. As of June 13, 2009, full power television stations will only broadcast digital, over-the-air signals. Your local broadcasters may make the transition before then, and some already have.

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