LG 15-inch OLED Display to Ship in December

As we all saw from our CES 2009 coverage, multiple companies announced they will be releasing bleeding-edge OLED displays. LG today has set a release date on their 15-inch model for this December! Don't expect to get one for any less than the price of an arm and a leg, but they will be insanely thin!

LG OLED Display

While 15-inches is small, it easily trumps the world's first production OLED TV, Sony's $2,500 11-inch XEL-1, and is a reasonable size for the bedroom (if you must) or kitchen counter. No word on specs but we expect the production set to offer the same million:1 contrast, 1,366 x 768 pixel resolution, and 30,000-hour shelf life as the prototype unveiled in January. The TV will launch first in Korea for an undisclosed price that is bound to be punishingly expensive.

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